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***DUBAI*** Fantastic Opportunity For a Small Animal Vet in the UAE


Richard Powell


The Austrian based training company Vet-Coaching GmbH has been asked to help in filling a very exciting vacancy in the United Arab Emirates with immediate effect.

This long term position would suit a veterinary surgeon with an interest in general practice and must have at least 5 years of experience in order to be eligible to Work in the UAE. Furthermore the right candidate will also be fundamentally driven to provide excellent medical care for their patients and has keen people and customer-handling skills.

Our vets work five days a week on various rotas and we do not provide out-of-hours emergency call-out services.

Our clinic has four consulting rooms, a decent-sized hospital and a pretty spacious operating theatre. We also have fully integrated practice management software, PACS, and a digital hospital board, which integrates with digital patient treatment and anaesthetic monitoring sheets for paperless working environment.

The tools of the trade include: an extensive in-house laboratory; a very expensive and awesomely capable digital x-ray machine; a sophisticated ultrasound machine; full dental equipment, including digital dental x-ray; laser therapy; and of course all the equipment required for orthopaedic surgery... among other things.

The basic monthly salary is AED 25,000 (= 5,260.0 @ 09/10/20) plus an allowance of approx. AED 10,000 (= 2,100 @ 09/10/2020) to cover costs of housing, car and high-quality private medical insurance, and up to 25% for any dependants.

Holidays are based on local law including 30 days annual leave per year, plus 10 public holidays per year. However, note that the 30 days annual leave includes any weekend days, which are taken off during the duration of the leave, so it usually equals about 22 workdays off a year.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV with a convincing letter to [email protected] in the first instance. The initial interview can be held via a Zoom call, however this is only the first step.

Any shortlisted candidates may be invited for up to 1 week to the clinic to an expenses-paid interview/trail week in order to give both parties a chance to get to know each other and work together a little in this multi-national team.

In order to work in the UAE there is a lengthy process to register with the authorities, but we will provide all the support and cover the costs necessary.