Bright Leaf Adopt A Sea Turtle called Fida

Posted on 28 September 2023

​At Bright Leaf, we love to go beyond the ordinary. We pride ourselves on connecting passionate veterinary professionals with roles that they love, ensuring that our furry (and sometimes not-so-furry) friends receive the best care possible. Today, we’re thrilled to share with you a special new venture that underscores our commitment to the animal kingdom.

Adopting Our Very Own Sea Turtle called Fida!

In a unique blend of our love for animals and a commitment to their welfare, we adopted a sea turtle through The Olive Ridley Project! If you aren’t already familiar with this remarkable initiative, The Olive Ridley Project is dedicated to the protection of sea turtles and their habitats. They work diligently to rescue and rehabilitate injured turtles, protect their nesting sites, and combat the ghost net menace that threatens these magnificent creatures.

Our adopted sea turtle serves as a symbol of our dedication, not just to our clients and candidates, but to the wider animal world. This step is a testament to our belief that every creature, big or small, plays a vital role in our ecosystem and deserves our respect and protection.

Why The Olive Ridley Project?

Sea turtles, particularly the Olive Ridley species, are facing dire threats. Every year, thousands fall victim to discarded ghost nets, accidental catch, habitat disruption, and other perils. The Olive Ridley Project stands as a beacon of hope for these turtles, and we are truly honored to support their work.

Besides their direct rescue and rehabilitation efforts, the project also focuses on community engagement, education, and outreach, ensuring that local communities become stakeholders in the conservation effort. This aligns perfectly with our agency's ethos of creating meaningful, lasting connections.

We encourage other businesses and individuals alike to explore ways they can make a difference. Whether you’re a veterinary professional or someone who simply loves animals, consider supporting initiatives like The Olive Ridley Project. Every contribution, big or small, can pave the way for a brighter future for these marine wonders.

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